AestheFill 艾丽斯精灵针

AestheFill® 艾丽斯精灵针 is a revolutionary collagen stimulator from Korea, meticulously designed to unveil your natural beauty. AestheFill® has proudly graced the market for a decade, captivating the hearts of beauty enthusiasts in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and beyond.

What is AestheFill®?

AestheFill® is made by PDLLA (Poly-D,L-Lactic Acid), an FDA-approved biocompatible and biodegradable substance derived from potato starch. AestheFill® effectively stimulates your own collagen production, replenishes lost volume, and restores a youthful appearance, effortlessly enhancing your natural allure.

How does AestheFill® work?

AestheFill® features a patented porous microsphere structure that effectively draws fibroblasts towards it, promoting collagen regeneration within the skin. This gradual process works to restore volume over time, revealing a rejuvenated and revitalized appearance.

What are the benefits of AestheFill®?

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhances skin elasticity and skin texture
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Restores volume and provides subtle lift

Why do we choose AestheFill®?

Who is suitable for AestheFill®?

Anyone who wants to reverse the signs of aging, sagging, sunken, dull and dry skin especially those who have:

  • Tired eyes and dark eye circles
  • Deep laugh lines
  • Flat cheekbones or apple cheeks
  • Heavy lower face/ Saggy jowls
  • Deep forehead lines
  • Sunken temples
  • Sunken mid cheeks
  • Wrinkled neck
  • Sunken and wrinkled hands


What are the areas suitable for AestheFill® treatment?

AestheFill® is highly versatile and can be used to treat various parts of the face. Apart from the face and neck, AestheFill® also works well to rejuvenate the decolletage and back of the hands.

How many sessions are required? What should I expect after the treatment?

It is recommended to have 2-3 sessions for optimum results, with 4-8 weeks between each session. Results can be seen immediately after the treatment, but, like with other collagen stimulators, they may slightly diminish within a week due to the water absorbed from the injected areas. The results will become more noticeable over the next 1-2 months as new collagen is gradually generated. The effects can last for up to 24 months.

What are the side effects or downtime?

There may be mild redness and bruises around the injection points. However, these are temporary and will resolve after a few days. Occasionally there may be slight bumpiness at the treatment area which will resolve in a few days.

What is the difference between AestheFill and GOURI?

AestheFill and GOURI are both collagen biostimulators. AestheFill contains PDLLA (Poly-D, L-Lactic Acid), whereas GOURI features 100% liquid PCL (Polycaprolactone). 

AestheFill aids in facial volumization and collagen regeneration to diminish wrinkles, lines, and facial folds while GOURI primarily focuses on stimulating natural collagen production across the entire face. 

To determine which treatment is most suitable for your specific needs, we recommend consulting with your doctor.

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What is the difference between GOURI vs Radiesse vs Aesthefill?


After 2 sessions of AestheFill® (5 vials in total)
After 1 session of AestheFill® (1 vial in total)
After 1 sessions of AestheFill® (1 vial in total)
After 1 session of AestheFill®

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